Most of M&D’s LMLK Handles Were Found In Shiloh’s Area G

Looking at the list of lmlk handles found in the excavations of Macalister and Duncan, I noticed the letters “NB” in four of the designations of five lmlk handles. As I found in this article, “NB” was Macalister and Duncan’s acronym for North Bastion, that is, the Stepped Stone Structure. Thus, M&D’s “NBS” are the steps of the SSS, the lmlk handles found there originating either from the area of the House of Ahiel and Burnt Room or from a collapse from the area of E. Mazar’s excavation area. “NBF”, meanwhile, likely means the front (even more likely, face) of the Stepped Stone Structure, precisely the area of the House of Ahiel and Burnt Room probably in the excavation area mentioned on pages 50-51, which cut into the debris made by the cutting of the trench for the construction of the North Hasmonean tower, which was dumped on the northern face of the SSS. If I remember correctly (I am sure GM Grena can refute or support the products my memory), lmlk handles have also been found in Shiloh’s excavations in his Area G (the whole SSS-House of Ahiel area). The find spots of M&D’s lmlk handles explain the fact that M&D found lmlk handles even though E. Mazar found no Iron IIb remains in her excavation area upslope of Area G except in two loci (and, of course, the fill underneath the Northern Hasmonean tower).