Imitation Assyro-Gazite Bowl Found at Tel Burna

I’ve only noticed this about a week ago in this PowerPoint presentation. The bowl is found on Slide 19 of the PowerPoint presentation (showing the Iron IIc pottery) and has clear parallels to Bowl 4 (Carinated Bowl with Red Slip and Flaring Rim) of the Ashkelon 3 report (Ashkelon 3, p. 77). Bowl 4 of the Ashkelon 3 report was made somewhere in coastal Philistia (Ashkelon 3, p. 56 & p. 64) and is paralleled by a type of bowl from the Assyrian center of Tell Jemmeh. I recognized this type of bowl so easily because it is featured on the header of this blog because it is featured in my second video on Khirbet en-Nahas. This type of bowl is not directly based on Assyrian pottery, but was brought to Palestine by Assyrian administration.

Canaanites=Assyrian Deportees?

According to Judges 1:27-29, Beth-Shean, Ibleam, Dor, Taanach, Megiddo, and Gezer were inhabited by Canaanites. This instantly caused me to remember the Assyrian administrative centers of Megiddo and Gezer, since Gezer was not particularly Canaanite under the Israelite kings. Dor, of course, was Phoenician. Beth-Shean, however, poses a problem, since it was very sparsely inhabited in the Assyrian era. The others are ambiguous. The list might, therefore, refer to the era of the Israelite kings or the Assyrian era, or might be a combination of the two, but is very unlikely to date to the Assyrian era alone. However, Gezer still remains to me a curious reminder that at least some “Canaanites” of the Deut. Hist. could be Assyrian deportees.