Things Converge

It seems that Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, one of the better commentators on the Middle East, whose site I first visited only several days ago, has linked to my transcript of Reza Aslan on the Daily Show (though he appears not to have read it or watched the relevant appearance; he refers to John Oliver as Jon Stewart). In his recent piece, al-Tamimi castigates Aslan for Alsan’s naivete regarding the threat of moderate/political Islamism. This piece is partially a product of pointless personal bickering, but it makes some good points.

Coincidentally, after I read some of Al-Tamimi’s pieces on his website, I read the first hundred pages of Andrew McCarthy’s Grand Jihad. Why a quarter of this book is available on Google Books (the missing intro is available on Amazon Look Inside), I know not. Though this book is illuminating, it suffers from repetitiveness and bizzarely nasty (and untrue) anti-Obama rhetoric. I give the first hundred pages three stars. The most useful resource the first hundred pages of this book have pointed me to is this real-life Islamist version of the Disco’ ‘Tute‘s Wedge Document.