Sources for Part 1 of Nahas Video

For Levy’s claim Khirbet en-Nahas had something to do with Edom, see here.

The Nahas pottery (and F&SA’s analysis of it).

The cooking pots.

The Late Iron IIa bowl picture.

The Negebite ware picture.

Levy’s PNAS paper (from where I got the radiocarbon dates from).

For some radiocarbon dates which further confirm the idea Khirbet en-Nahas was founded in the 11th-Late 12th C BC, see here.

The Nahas layers picture.

The Tel Masos picture.

The Tel Masos papers.

The Arad picture.

For other finds at Khirbet en-Nahas (including two Late Iron I scarabs from Area S and some Qurayyah pottery), see here. Please ignore (or notice) the horseshit on the top of page 867.