My Late Christmas Gift To You All

A list of my favorite Firefox extensions!

By far my favorite is AdBlock Plus with Element Hiding Helper (for some reason, these are two separate extensions). The former removes most Internet ads from your sight, the latter allows you to remove parts of webpages you don’t like (such as the box on telling you to download Chrome) from your sight.

My second-favorite is NoScript. Be warned! The maker of the add-on advertises for malware made by UniBlue on the NoScript website. Other than the warning, NoScript is an excellent add-on, allowing blocking of third-party scripts on all websites. I see it best to allow top-level sites by default.

My third-favorite is Tree Style Tab. Before this add-on, organizing tabs was one of my worst nightmares and the main obstacle preventing me from completing my first post on Syria. Now, organizing tabs is easy and largely unnecessary. The add-on is the most visible extension in my last-posted screenshot.

My fourth-favorite is UnloadTab. This prevents Firefox crashes by unloading tabs after a specified amount of time. Before this extension, Firefox used to crash roughly five times per day for me. Now, it crashes only once per week.

My fifth-favorite is Flagfox. It allows quick access to a whole range of services, including Google Translate, Google Cache, Internet Archive, and copying server info. It is the extension I never thought I needed until I realized its utility.

My sixth-favorite is Ghostery. This blocks cookies and trackers. The only disadvantage is that settings reset after every update.

My seventh-favorite was GreaseMonkey until the problem mentioned here (which surprisingly only manifested itself while I was finishing up this post) led me to remove it (the problem is apparently with GreaseMonkey itself; the problem continues to manifest itself when I re-install GreaseMonkey) and switch to Scriptish, which does the same thing. So far, I have only used it to modify YouTube with scripts to show ratings in YouTube thumbnails, prevent YouTube autoplay, unclick the “Share to Google+” checkbox in the YouTube comments, and, most importantly, to add a Stop button to YouTube. This is because, as you know, YouTube is a completely functional site programmed by competent people.

My eighth-favorite is UnMHT, which allows Firefox to view and save webpages as mhtml files.

My ninth-favorite is Copy Plain Text 2. This one’s a bit buggy as it makes the regular Copy feature work much slower.

Lastly, my tenth-favorite is DownloadHelper, which helps download flash videos as mp4 files. The recommended converter doesn’t work, but that does not distract from the utility of this extension.