Grand Genesis 10 Map

Genesis 10's Table of Nations
-Yes, I know some names are missing and at least a couple of my identifications (esp. Seba and Togarmah) are questionable. For questions about identifications of specific names in Genesis 10, search the blog archives. Notice that the nation-names are almost entirely clustered in a region from 24° E to 50° E. This is very much inconsistent with any Persian or Hellenistic-era date proposal for the composition of Genesis 10. I find it most plausible that Genesis 10 was composed between c. 550 and 750 BC, preferably in the days of King Josiah or early during the Exile. Notice Genesis 10’s inclusion of Canaan (and Hatti!) in the Hamitic group. Apparently, the author of Genesis 10 viewed ‘Semites’ as being cuneiform-using nations and some South Semites.