Map of the World Mathematical Smart Fraction

Due to a recent uncivil discussion in the comments of the blog of Noah Smith, who listens too much to progressive media uncritically, I came upon the idea of mapping the mathematical smart fraction among fifteen-year-olds in most European countries, the Four Tigers, and some assorted other countries. What I did was
1. Find the recorded world mathematical PISA smart fraction on the fifth page of the document titled PISA 2012 Results in Focus: What 15-year-olds know and what they can do with what they know.
2. Assume that any student who isn’t taking the test is not part of this smart fraction.
3. Adjust the recorded smart fraction for those not taking the test.
4. Map the adjusted PISA mathematical smart fraction.

And the result:
Source image file here, source data here.
The darker the red, the larger the percentage of the population supposed to be taking the 2012 PISA test that is proficient in middle school mathematics. White indicates there is virtually no smart fraction in the entire country- almost every fifteen-year-old living there is innumerate, lazy, or both. Notice the similarity in colorings between all the Balkan countries, including Greece and Cyprus (first-world places by any measure). Also, notice the lack of intelligence in Malaysia, the richest of the Muslim-majority Real Countries, as well as in all Latin America and the Arab world. There can be no question that without the Chinese, Malaysia would be a very poor place, indeed.