Anti-Iranism Reason for U.S. Complicity Regarding the ISIS

It is as I suspected- the Obama administration’s complicity with the expansion of the ISIS in Iraq is due to its mission to remove moderately pro-Iranian Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from power and install a more pro-Saudi Iraqi Prime Minister. The U.S. denouncements of the supposed sectarianism of Maliki (which is mostly not to blame for this recent ISIS expansion) are undeniably merely a smokescreen for conflicts regarding more fundamental economic interests. I do not know what these interests are at present, as that would require days of sifting through noise to find some hint of a signal, but I do know that they must exist and that information regarding them can almost certainly be found online. As a rule of thumb, a typical relevant Wikileaks cable is twice or more as informative as a typical relevant think tank or news article about events in the Middle East. Curiously, the mainstream media is much more comfortable with discussing fundamental economic issues (e.g., natural gas, European markets for Ukrainian goods) as they relate to recent events in Russia and Ookrayeena. This fact has been successfully satirized by an excellent Lebanese-born British Christian satirist.