Imitation Assyro-Gazite Bowl Found at Tel Burna

I’ve only noticed this about a week ago in this PowerPoint presentation. The bowl is found on Slide 19 of the PowerPoint presentation (showing the Iron IIc pottery) and has clear parallels to Bowl 4 (Carinated Bowl with Red Slip and Flaring Rim) of the Ashkelon 3 report (Ashkelon 3, p. 77). Bowl 4 of the Ashkelon 3 report was made somewhere in coastal Philistia (Ashkelon 3, p. 56 & p. 64) and is paralleled by a type of bowl from the Assyrian center of Tell Jemmeh. I recognized this type of bowl so easily because it is featured on the header of this blog because it is featured in my second video on Khirbet en-Nahas. This type of bowl is not directly based on Assyrian pottery, but was brought to Palestine by Assyrian administration.