The Mwsh/Lion/Early Yhwd Map!

Above: A map of Early Yhwd, Lion, and Mwsh impressions. Blue=Mwsh Impressions, Orange=Lion Stamp Impressions, Yellow=Early Yhwd Impressions. The anachronistic political boundaries are c. 705-701 BC.

For the corpus of mwsh seal impressions, see here.

For En Gedi’s lions, see here.

For the Rogem Ganim data, see here.

For Mizpah’s five lions, see here.

For a corpus of lion impressions, see here and here.

For Gibeon’s two lions, see here.

For Jericho’s lion, see here.

For a mostly complete corpus of Early Yhwds, see here.

For more early Yhwd data, see here.

WARNING: There might be more jar-marks at Mozah. Khirbet er-Ras’ impressions are not included here.

For the same map with outline of Seleucid Yehud, see below (ignore the outlines of the 8th C BC Philistine kingdoms):

Note that most of these pre-4th C BC impressions seem to be concentrated in the North and East of the province. I will likely soon do a map comparing Early to Middle and possibly Late Yhwd Impression prevalence. Also, it is now obvious to me that the Lion Impressions are Persian period (before Ezra-Nehemiah??)- did the the Babylonians manage to completely alter Judah’s settlement system in less than a half-century, re-founding En Gedi, Ramat Rahel, Rogem Ganim (?), Jerusalem (!!!) and Nebi Samwil while making Mizpah a secondary administrative center and producing more of their lion stamp impressions in some 47 years than the Persians managed to produce in over 130?