Two Ways To Save a Screenshot in Windows 8.1

Yesterday, I saved the screenshot shown in yesterday’s post by emailing it to myself using the Windows 8.1 Share charm, then cropped it with the Photos Metro App. So far as I know, there are two ways to save a screenshot on a tablet in Windows 8.1 without an Internet connection:

1. The way Microsoft recommends. Press the Windows button and the Volume Down button at the same time (Windows button first, though by no more than a couple seconds). The screenshot will be saved to the Pictures folder.

2. For people who feel superior to using anything but the touchscreen on a tablet with only three buttons (like me), there is an alternative:

a. Make sure the Fresh Paint Metro App (by Microsoft) is installed on your computer.
b. Open Fresh Paint.
c. Switch to whatever you intend to screenshoot (do NOT close the Fresh Paint app by dragging down or by clicking on the X in the right-hand corner-instead, use the charms to get back to the Start screen or swipe from the left).
d. Swipe to charms. Click on Share. Make sure you see a “Share a screenshot of…” in the Share charm. If you don’t, maneuver there using the drop-down menu.
e. Still in the Share charm, click on Fresh Paint.
f. Click Share.
g. Switch to the Fresh Paint Metro App. You will see the screenshot in your Paintings (if you don’t, close and re-open the Fresh Paint Metro App). Click on it. Click inside the grayed-out area or the background when you’re finished rotating or shrinking your screenshot.
h. Click the floppy disk icon to save your screenshot where you want.

An example of a screenshot made using this method.
An example of a screenshot made using the second method.

Author: pithom

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