Thursday Assorted Links

1. Reasons for Americans not to move abroad

2. Democrat base more pro-trade-agreement than Republican base?!

3. Breitbart presents The Establishment’s Guide to the Alt-Right

4. How one economics professor singlehandedly killed immigration reform (by winning a primary)

5. Jack Lew says obvious, people surrounded by lunatics astonished

6. The National Spying Agency in a nutshell

7. Lake Wobegon’s Fiscal Stimulus

8. What low-trust society is like in practice (Turkiye delenda est).


Wednesday Assorted Links

1. What The Emerging Republican Majority said

2. Glenn Beck’s lie could blow up Cruz

3. Police remain not the brightest bulbs in the shed

4. Prarie dogs v. ground squirrels

5. Longest-shot candidate rated most favorable by the general population

6. One free-market guy’s case for the E.U. being the best of bad options

7. Children of Sovok Jews converge with pre-existing U.S. Jews

8. Most boring progressive in the world supports Hillary Clinton. Why am I not surprised?

9. Kristof on Trump’s failure to think up a position on abortion

Tuesday Assorted Links

1. Long piece on Libya

2. Detecting TrueCrypt blob transfers

3. How deindustrialization, social issues, and environmentalism led to the collapse of the West Virginia Democrats

4. Slaughter at the bridge

5. Cocaine overdose deaths correlated with housing prices

6. The press that made Trump was not right-wing

7. Muslim ban, anyone? (read the comments)

8. History is not on the Democrats’ side in 2016 (written before Trump)

9. How to take away disabled people’s jobs

Monday Assorted Links

1. The case against birthright citizenship

2. Vox is a Neocohen rag. Trump is a fucking genius compared to this idiot Jew.

3. Crowdsourcing city government

4. Delong: Hillary would make good senator, abysmal President

5. Islamic State Treatise on the Education System

6. Nearly half of Americans are fans of NATO

7. People are tired with accommodation (read the comments)

8. What we learned from Apple v. FBI

Sunday Assorted Links 2

1. Don’t read the article; look at the comments (NYT on trade). This is why Trump is winning.

2. Don’t leave your printers accessible by any dude on the Internet

3. The job market is pulling people in who didn’t want to work before

4. Enough teddy bears and tears

5. Thanks, Obama (but genuine thanks to Putin!)

6. Why Berniebros aren’t With Her

7. NYT does not allow comments on the Syrian Army capturing Palmyra, but the WaPo does

8. Five myths about Cuba. Interesting.

9. That al-Jazeera defection tracker was created by Google

Epic Trolling or Epic Stupid?

Earlier this year, Pence also sided with religious conservatives in the debate over expanding civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Hoosiers. Thursday’s actions saw the governor again taking a hard conservative line — this time on abortion.

The controversial and potentially unconstitutional measure further restricts abortion in Indiana — already one of the most restrictive states in the nation. It does so by prohibiting a woman from seeking an abortion solely because her fetus could be born with a disability such as Down syndrome. It also restricts a woman from terminating her pregnancy solely because of the gender or race of the fetus.

Sounds to me like “epic stupid”. Disabilities and unfavorable race or gender are among the best reasons for abortion. Indiana should not seek to emulate India here.

Of course, I 100% support North Carolina’s recent bill to stave off its tide of poz.

Sanders: Candidate of the Independent Poor Rural Young White Man

See here for pictures of random supporters of Presidential candidates. The Berniebro stereotype is eerily real, with the men mostly being bulky and bearded.

I have often wondered how Hillary Clinton won the Massachusetts primary. Massachusetts’s demographics aren’t too different from those of Oklahoma (which had the same type of Democratic primary as Massachusetts, though in Oklahoma independents were not allowed to vote in the GOP primary), and, if anything, non-Asian minorities comprise a greater share of Oklahoma Democratic voters than they do of Massachusetts Democratic voters. The answer was mostly (but not entirely) that the Clinton vote was strongly (but by no means perfectly) correlated with population density, with people living in places with a larger population density tending to vote for Clinton:
The obvious exceptions are towns like Greenfield (72% Sanders), a town with a more elderly, politically independent, white, and poor population than the rest of Massachusetts, Salem (56% Sanders), a somewhat lower-income White-majority town, and Maynard (53% Sanders), a strongly white middle-class area. Other exceptions include super-rich suburbs like Lincoln (60% Clinton), which, not coincidentally, were some of the only places in Massachusetts to vote for Kasich in place of the vulgarian. Indeed, every place in Massachusetts Kasich won other than Amherst (college town; strongly Democratic, median age 22) and Mount Washington (a 100% White negligibly-settled area) went for Billary. The most Clinton-leaning places in Massachusetts were Lawrence (heavily Hispanic), Wellesley (well-educated rich suburb, one of the most anti-Trump places in Massachusetts), and Weston (rich suburb, went for Kasich).

So Massachusetts went for Clinton instead of Sanders because it was too filled with rich suburban elitists and urban people. Oklahoma went for Sanders instead of Clinton because independents were not allowed to vote for the vulgarian and because there were nowhere near enough rich suburban elitists and urban people in Oklahoma to swing the primary election to Clinton.

Sunday Assorted Links

1. Ted Cruz’s team of foreign policy advisors is maybe the worst for the job; Trump’s is least tested

2. The NYT on Trump’s blue-state performance

3. Explosions hit Aden; 25 killed

4. Alien intelligences and discriminatory algorithms

5. :-) (funny)

6. What RT found in a town liberated from the IS by Kurds

7. Guess the supporters’ presidential candidate

8. How media bias helped Trump triumph

Friday Assorted Links

1. $hillary Clinton scaremongers about Zika

2. Don’t pick a programming language just because it’s most profitable

3. The world according to Donald Trump (both parts funny)

4. Trump on Israel (or is it the reverse?)

5. Trump as Cyrus the Great

6. Only 38% of Sub-Saharan Africans would use courts of law for disputes

7. Sanders, old-skool revolutionary Jew

8. Hubris of investigators