Karakorum-Capital of the Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire, once the world’s most formidable power, stretched from beyond Iran to the Pacific. Its capital from 1235 to 1260 AD was Karakorum,  47°12’26″N, 102°50’50″E a ruin stretching a kilometer from East to West and over four fifths of a mile from North to South. Today, the Buddhist fortified Erdene Zuu monastery, built in 1585 AD from the ruins of Karakorum, stands directly to the South of Karakorum. The walls of Karakorum are relatively easy to distinguish from Google Earth even with the direct lighting, especially after the help of this image. The roads and walls of Karakorum are outlined in the image below:

This was, perhaps, the largest city in Mongolia at the time of Ogedei. A model of it is located in the Ulaanbaatar museum, showing it to be a very much underpopulated place with a few religious structures and courtyards, two long, somewhat straight streets, and a yurt quarter (a further testament to the town’s lack of a large permanent population). It was destroyed in 1388 under the Ming Dynasty and was sparsely resettled later on. William of Rubruck, a Flemish monk, described the glories of Karakorum here (scroll down, not up, for the description). The capital was poor, practical, not too monumental, and insufficiently close to China, Mongolia’s most important (in Mongol rulers’ eyes) conquest, and, thus, had to be moved SE-ward to some more monumental ‘city’.
In 1260, the Mongol capital shifted to Xanadu, a recently-declared UNESCO world heritage site. Xanadu, a square over 1 1/3 mile in width, became the Mongol summer capital in 1271 and was abandoned after being destroyed by the Ming in 1369. Dadu/Bejing, another overly large rectangular capital, 5 1/5 miles N-S and 4 1/5 miles E-W, was established under Mongke as winter capital in the same year Xanadu became summer capital. This habit of Mongke of building enormous capitals reminds me of Sargon II’s Dur-Sharrukin, a 1 1/7 mile roughly-square compound and Nebuchadnezzar II’s 2 1/2 mile NW to SE incomplete attempt to build a massive rhomboidal wall around Babylon. Why powerful emperors with enormous accomplishments would wish to build enormous squarish capitals is beyond me.
Curiously enough, Ordu-Baliq/Kara-Balgasun, a ruin 24 kilometers to the Northeast of Karakorum and capital of the Ughyur khanate, seems to have been larger than Karakorum.


Humorous Image of the Day

-Har-dee-har-har! Obviously, this comes by way of the Safi/Gath blog, whose contributors are clearly overburdened with pictures of Philistine pottery they wish to get off their chest, especially after Netanyahu’s infamous bomb presentation. “LPDW” is “Late Philistine Decorated Ware” Monochrome is c. 1130-c. 1050 BC, Bichrome is c. 1070-c. 1020 BC, Debased Bichrome is Late Iron I and LPDW is Iron IIa.

Gordon Franz Debunks Miles Jones on ‘Yahweh Inscription’

Back in mid-2011, I found out that the mis-translator of the so-called “YHWH Inscription”, a forged rock inscription claimed by the Caldwells and Cornukites to have been found at Jebel al-Lawz, was a certain Miles Jones. Today, Gordon Franz has responded to Jones’ tomfoolery on his blog. Note that I consulted the same Dr. Michael Macdonald of Oxford as did Franz on the matter of the “menorah” found in Madyan/Midian by Sung Hak Kim as soon as I heard of Miles Jones. I published the main points he made on AJaL and do publish his email to me here:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your message.

The supposed “menorah” is in fact the letter “dh” (pronounced like the “th” in “this”) preceded by the letter “w” which has been taken to be the “base” of the supposed menorah, though as you can see when you look closely the two are not joined. The inscription is in the Ancient North Arabian dialect and script known as Hismaic which was in use in southern Jordan and North West Arabia between the last century BC and the fourth century AD. The graffito reads: w dhkrt lt ’l’n mr—- [the rest of the text is cut off by the edge of the photograph] and means “May [the goddess] Lat be mindful of ’l’n —-“. This prayer to the pagan deity Lat is extremely common in this type of graffito.

I hope that this is helpful,

with best wishes,

Michael Macdonald.

Atheism∞: The Logical Counterpart to Atheism+

Perhaps the most poignant criticisms of the ideas of Atheism+ I criticized almost a month ago come from this parody:

The video above describes the introduction of Atheism∞, a third movement of New Atheism that includes not merely LGBT-and-women-and-blacks should be protected by the Government and the rest of society issues, but issues nearly all Atheism+ers consider to be of importance, such as Global Warming, non-human-life rights, nutrition, declining bio-diversity, the “re-emergence of tuberculosis” and gun control. While I don’t know of any sane Skeptic who isn’t concerned about nutrition, Global Warming, and declining bio-diversity, it is clear that, as Atheism+, Atheism∞ is all about introducing not-clearly-necessary baggage into the Atheist movement. The video above also satirizes the idea that organized blogging collectives do not create divisions between those collectives and other bloggers and blogging collectives (thankfully, there are no organized YouTube collectives!)

C0nc0rdance’s reply to Atheism+, however, misses the whole point of the movement. Atheism+ is all about purifying the atheist movement from the lack of complete agreement with the FTB positions on LGBT-and-women-and-blacks should be protected by the Government and the rest of society issues the Four Horsemen of New Atheism have. It is all about naming & shaming, ideological tests, and restricting speech in comment threads. To ask its founders to oppose ideological tests is like asking them to oppose religious tests, or tests of belief in an old earth and the safety of vaccination. Also, on the Internet, the community chooses its command structure-all popular decisions made by the command structure are by definition supported by the community.

Jim West Gets Mentioned by the BBC, Israel Finkelstein Publishes Some Articles Online

I’m telling you, folks, if you wish to be kept up to speed in the world of archaeology as it relates to the Bible, create a Google alert for yourself on Israel Finkelstein. Today (word coming from Jim West), Israel Finkelstein has published some papers of his online.

The first, on Amarna Shechem, is from 2005, and thus, fairly recent, utilizing the petrographic examination of the Amarna letters done by Goren. It analyzes the rise of the Omrides as interpreted by the rise of an earlier Shechem-area based polity, that of Shechem under Labayu. It was superseded by Finkelstein’s paper on Saul being the “Last Labayu”. The only disagreeable remark I can find in there is the mention of Dor being definitely Israelite in the 8th C BC (on page 183), ignoring the possibility it might have been Phoenician.

The second, on the campaign of Shoshenq I, is outdated (my video is up-to date), describing Shoshenq I as attempting to destroy, rather than encourage, the Masos-Nahas copper network. It is also a useful example of Finkelstein In Transition on his opinions on which stratum at Megiddo corresponds to Shoshenq I’s Megiddo. In this paper, he views “Early IrIIa” Masos II as partially contemporary with “Late Iron I” Megiddo VIA. Finkelstein also presents his “Shoshenq destroyed Saulide Gibeon” hypothesis he more clearly presents in “Last Labayu”.

The third, on “The Archaeology of the Days of Manasseh“, is a Finkelstein classic. He points out the decline of the Judahite population from over 120,000 in c. 705 BC to under 70,000 in c. 605 BC, the utter lack of full recovery in the Shephelah, and the rise in population in the Negev, Hill Country, Benjamin, and Wilderness. He also points out the Arabian trade and Ekron IC as factors in the recovery of Judah under Manasseh. He does not accept there is any good evidence for a Manassite revival of the Shephelah.

In other news, Jim West, biblioblogger extraordinaire, has been mentioned by the BBC.

Late Iron II Small Farm Discovered 700 m NNE. of Rogem Ganim

See here. The area around Rogem Ganim (31°45’19″N 35° 9’57″E) was apparently quite densely inhabited in the 7th-6th Cs BC (Khirbet er-Ras, Manahat, Qiryat Ha-Yovel, and Rogem Ganim were all less than a mile away from each other). Perhaps someone should make a “Survey of Western Palestine”-style map for Late Iron II Judah?

Herbert W. Armstrong’s Influence Stretched Deep in Israel (1967-1986)

A little-known fact about Benjamin Mazar’s Ophel excavations is that they were partially funded by cult leader* Herbert W. Armstrong. A less known fact is how deep Armstrong’s influence, financial and otherwise, extended in Israel, or how deep it even into Israel today, over two decades after Armstrong’s death.

*The group he founded fits at least twelve of this list’s fifteen characteristics of a cult.

Archie Terrace Tries To Comment On Some of My Pages Again

The same person whose comment I posted here tries to comment here again.

His comment on my Comment Policy:

Mr. Harding Sir; May I comment interogatively, by asking frum WHICH side, whether North, South, East, or West, thu shepherd foto yoo promote uv Mt. Sinai, waz taken frum, and aproximately when? I’ve spent hourz on thu net, seeking this info’ but not being adept with internet prosedyur nor apropriate search prosedyurz, my time thus availed me nuthing, , ecsept how prominent Riot, but spelled Wyat, promoterz uv foolishnes hav becum. I yet must marvel at the incomprehensible reality uv how quickly absolute stupidity can be promoted and so widely acsepted BUT, , but, even nature revealz that birdz uv a fether flock together, and we all must chooze & no one else can do that for us. Also, I’d like to know whether az yet, YOU are thu FIRST to so clearly & suscintly, discriptively confirm the obveus Bible history reality that Sinai Real Estate haz remained precisely whair God put it, during thu flood. In diferent wordz, iz all uv that, entirely, , thu direct rezult uv yor OWN research endevorz? If so, yoo’d do wel to repeat it, ON VIDEO, with directly related fotos in all uv thu right plasez, , , espeshaly when describing thu natural topografy that so obveusly revealz thair’z no uther mountain on erth LIKE it, NOR with such majestic apearans. Althoh I do understand that such desizyun iz entirely YORZ, I prefer that my interogativ coment herewith NOT be published, az I be seeking info’ for personal benefit and hav no dezire to publish my comyooication with yoo, but THANKS anyway. Archie
P.S. Thu notifying me uv new posts, I’d go for, IF thay can be YORZ ownly, so that I not be deprived uv whutever significant Up-Dates, but I do NOT hav any dezire to hear any more about Mr. Riot.

The same comment, edited by me to help with readability. Red text is mine.:

Mr. Harding Sir; May I comment interrogatively, by asking from WHICH side, whether North, South, East, or West, Northwest. the shepherd photo you promote of Mt. Sinai, was taken from, and approximately when apparently, before 1921? I’ve spent hours on the net, seeking this info’ but not being adept with internet procedure nor appropriate search procedures, my time thus availed me nothing, except how prominent Riot, but spelled Wyatt, promoters of foolishness have become A few minutes on Google Maps would have answered your question. I yet must marvel at the incomprehensible reality of how quickly absolute stupidity can be promoted and so widely accepted BUT, even nature reveals that birds of a feather flock together, and we all must choose & no one else can do that for us. Also, I’d like to know whether as yet, YOU are the FIRST to so clearly & succinctly, descriptively confirm the obvious Bible history reality that Sinai Real Estate has remained precisely where God put it, during the flood. The answer may be found in the links to the articles of Franz, Babinski, Wood, ect. In short, while a lot of AJal’s ideas are original, quite a few are not. In different words, is all of that, entirely, the direct result of your OWN research endeavors? If so, you’d do well to repeat it, ON VIDEO, with directly related photos in all of the right places, especially when describing the natural topography that so obviously reveals there’s no other mountain on earth LIKE it, NOR with such majestic appearance. Although I do understand that such design is entirely YOURS, I prefer that my interrogative comment herewith NOT be published, as I be seeking info’ for personal benefit and have no desire to publish my communication with you, but THANKS anyway. Archie
P.S. Thu notifying me of new posts, I’d go for, IF they can be YOURS only, so that I not be deprived of whatever significant Up-Dates, but I do NOT have any desire to hear any more about Mr. Riot. What you see on the blog is what you get.

Another one of his comments (this time on AJaL):

Yor 2nd sentens here, should begin with an If, NOT an Is . . . an obveus “typo”.

*If you take the 600,000 warriors literally, you might as well forget about the Israelites surviving this journey. Is the amount of water in the Sinai is even close to enough to support the entire population of such cities as Chicago, Houston, Amman, Basra, or Brisbane, or, indeed, the population of the entire West Bank today? Why in the world did not the . . .

It’s not a typo. You missed the question mark at the end of the second sentence.

And the third of his comments on AJaL (unedited except for red type), in which he finally figures out I, Enopoletus Harding, am pithom the blaspheming atheist.

Concerning the remark of–> Jim Pinkoskisaid: June 9, 2012 at 5:24 pm, , there is direct Bible confirmation that when God can’t find a positive-minded person to perform a specific duty, He then addresses all available candidates thus with the interrogative expression, “Who will go down and do such ‘n’ such?”, an actual quote from memory that I don’t recall The Bible location of, , , and in MY opinion, this is the case concerning the self-acclaimed, filthy mouthed atheist whom expects all others to read the comment policy before commenting, but himself reserves the freedom to openly proclaim abominable profanities that the comment policy don’t permit. The key word in the policy is “gratuitous” profanity. New commentators can use profanity as a reaction to something truly stupid. I am not a new commentator (neither is George Grena or TarasSkeptic), they, as am I, are established commentators are permitted to spout as much gratuitous profanity as we want on this blog. Having a few minutes prior to typing this, taken the time to learn precisely whom it was that claimed to be an atheist, and then simultaneously noting that person to be Harding, whom if I understand it all correctly, is the owner of this website Correct., I shall not again do him the unintended honor of acknowledging the freedom with which he blasphemes on the internet, while attempting to discredit another of his kind that does NOT do so. Archie – My name followed with an at symbol and the words, olive candle voice dot com, would permit me the personal acquaintance of any that have the same feelings. P.S. Possibly Haring will be so elated at me having noted his demonic mental state, as to feel smilingly proud to actually post this comment; some of satan’s kind are like that, always wanting to proclaim confirmation of how low they can degrade their character, without it bothering their non-existant conscience and in which case, this provides him with a prime opportunity to publicly reveal his sincerity about being an atheist and anxious for a destiny with the devil You don’t know what atheism is, do you?.

Finkelstein Publishes His Analysis of Tirzah

The word comes from Jim West. Finkelstein’s analysis of the archeological evidence is just as you’d expect [note as of April 27, 2014: Use the DownThemAll browser extension to download each image from Scribd until I can come up with something better. Sheffield has been cracking down on Google Books lately.]-Late Iron I-Early Iron IIa Tell el-Farah N., often identified with the Biblically mentioned Israelite capital city of Tirzah, was a poor, small, unfortified settlement. My solution to the problem is to re-locate Tirzah to Tayasir or somewhere else. Also, while searching around West’s posts on Finkelstein, I found this revealing statement from West (in regards to Eilat Mazar’s Palace of David claims):

She’s – of course – done no such thing as there isn’t a shred of evidence to support such a claim.  Not an iota’s worth.  But such claims bolster the tragically weak ‘faith’ of those who are utterly dependent, not on God, but on ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’- worshiping as their true god an idol they have constructed in their own minds aided by the ‘evidence’ that fundamentalist archaeologists and biblical ‘scholars’ offer them.  Such people replace God with reason- and that their own.

-This is from a person who finds the as-generally viewed Creationist-Evolutionist dispute unimportant, believes there is little to no evidence for a Kingdom of David, and has only the most vile words for so-called “Angry Atheists”!

A Very Strange Thousand-Word Comment On AJaL

Today, a very strange comment has popped up in my moderation queue. As it seriously conflicts with my comment policy, I refuse to publish it on AJaL itself, rather, I will publish it here, in both original and readable forms.

The original:

Az haz been thu case sins (not sinz) satan’z negativ sucses in Eden, , hiz kind continyoo to clutch at mere strawz uv periferal magnitood, while atempting to argyoo amungst themselvez conserning that which any rights thairto, are and shal remain eternaly unavailable to them, and az thu negativ relijus mindz continyoo to substansheate, , thair preferens uv obzerving thu microscope throo thu spesimen, iz for thu pre-desided purpose uv atempting to perswade utherz uv thair kind, that thair own distorted persepshun iz more convinsing, , , while unfailingly standing unchanjing on thair claim that it’s thu wraper that makes thu most lojical diferens in corectly understanding thu purposful intent uv whutever Biblicaly described packaje.
I don’t now recall whom in the ubuv hear, refered to whomever else az being brainles or uh liar or whutever else BUT, I =DO= recall frum the over-all mesaje contained thairin, that in fact, ownly the aproach uv thu person claiming to be an aetheist, evidensed straight-lased, lojical perspectivz az pertainz to corect aproachez to and disernment uv historical facts. Granted, we all are entitled to our individyooal manerz and methodz BUT, , ownly the incorectably shalow-minded person personaly negates oportoonity to learn and grow on intelijent acseptans uv facts over preferenshal mere feelingz, , like az most readerz’ first instans uv expeareensing Hairitaje Inglish, cauzing them to pre-deside thu yoozer thus, at least parshaly insane, when in fact, by doing so, each such person thus judjez more than half uv all Canadianz identicaly, becuz most CDNz reading and writing expertees iz les than a grade 2 primary school level, and I confes shame at NOT having known about that sad reality, until wel past midlife, but sins then, becuz uv having a profesor’z standing in prescriptiv English, I can NOT stand WITH them, I reckoned thu least I could do, iz stand FOR them in my atempt to inform thu leser persentaje hear, that a person’z worth iz not to be determined on inhairited talents and atribyoots, but on factualy sound abilitee to reazon and make wize desizyunz, az virtyooaly all orthodox folk are NOT, az iz self-prooven by thair insistans that thay’l asend into Heven imeedeately after deth, when in fact, Thu Bible states NO such opshun, and also states that in absens uv God’z LAW and Thu Testimonee thairuv in thair daily lives, 24/7, thay are disiplez uv satan, az thu personal life style conduct uv Ron Wyatt confirmed him to be and all like him, not thu least dezirus uv acsepting Biblical writingz in thair entirety, az each such confirming the uther, az the aetheist hearin ubuv iz aware uv, and having aproached HIZ research endevor thus, thu 7th-dayerz obveusly couldn’t be cumfortable in acsepting hiz respons, becuz it didn’t pas thair pre-determined concloozyunz that in most instansez, require acseptans uv ownly spesific parts uv any argyooment, and uh totaly adamant refyoozal and rejecshun uv all the utherz.
Look anywhair on erth, and it’s highly improbable that yoo’ll find uh church-goer knowledjable uv thu fact that thair iz NO Bible substansheashun for entrans into Heven at ANY time, let alone after deth, , , while it DUZ state directly, that God duz NOT dwel in man-made templez, NOR did call or send any uv thay that speak thairin, , while ALSO stating that Messiah, Thu Mesenjer Uv Thu Cuvenant and OWNLY GIVER uv Eternal Life, prezidez over NUN uther than Hiz Own Scatered Flock uv thu spesific number uv 144K Elect BUT, , even THAT fact iz intenshunaly ignored by all orthodox and all uther brandz uv relijun, becuz thay are NOT memberz uv Thu Scatered Flock Uv God & thus, can’t posibly even bare to acsept such Bible stated facts az our eerth-relm pilgrimajez hear, being for thu singular purpose uv preparing our personal lifestyle testimony books that shal be opened in Thu Judjement, whair uhgen, all ecsept thay like thu self-aclaimed aetheist person hearin ubuv, whom I’d feel safe at hazarding thu ges that becuz uv hiz insistense on nuthing les than factual foundaeshunz being acseptable, would know thu diferens between uh congregaeshun and uh scatered flock. Had not THAT person’z notes been an incloozyun on this site, my time hear would hav been entirely wasted, ‘cuz my sole intent on being hear, waz for thu purpose uv gleaning thu most resent facts conserning profeshunal ohpinyunz and rezultant desizyunz on the orijinal locaeshun uv Thu Mountain Uv Sin & even named thus Biblicaly; thu mountain uv Sin; A? I!
In adishun, , how ANY relijus person can claim to be uh Christyen, while totaly ignorant uv the historicaly confirmed fact that thu swine-keeper title jesus / jeezus asigned to Messiah by thu Greeks, az Hiz name, , duz NOT exist ANY-whair in history, until more than two HUNdred =YEARZ= “AFTER” Messiah’z deth. It’s understood that thu self-aclaimed aetheist hearin ubuv would hav NO obligaeshun whut-so-ever, to return however many yearz uv investment depozits mistakenly made out in HIZ name, , yet thu global relijus world ignorez thu fact that all uv thair eforts and so-called HOLY prayerz are ofered in thu title/name uv a swine-keeper insted uv in Thu Name Uv Thu Son Uv God, whoze Bible confirmed Name iz NOT jesus NOR jeezus, , and althoh thu 7th-dayerz acsepted Thu Reality Uv Thu Fourth Cumandment, thay ignore thu 2Cor.6:17 cumand to permanently depart frum and abandon ALL congregaeshunal relijun, , while ignorantly continyooing to claim being fallowerz uv God & disiplez uv Hiz Christ.
I do sinsearly THANK the aetheist for hiz factualy based contribyooshun to this site, and becuz that kind uv reezoning totaly negates all maner uv mere personal ohpinyun, I shal be noting and relying on the evidens provided thus, to form my concloozyunz. — Wun final note thoh, , ,

Whomever ownz this website, should NOT permit any kind uv profanity hearon, let alone such abominable expreshun az referz to Thu Chirst az being a rapist and abominable whoremonger, ‘cuz THAT kind uv person can NOT fail to bring God’z wrath upon himself and all that condown such conduct, az iz thu case when permiting such to be and remain hearon.
Uh final note to thu pseudo Christyenz whom ALL are that are memberz uv uh congregaeshun or refer to Messiah az iether jesus or jeezuz, thu Greek title for swine-keeper, , continyooing to argyoo over any Bible History subject, while 24/7 simultaineusly ignoring Thu context uv Thu Third Cumandment, renderz yoo all disiplez uv satan and similarly destined thus. “I-AM” iz stated in Thu Bible az being Thu Foremost NAME uv GOD, and NOT to be repeated or refered to loosly, nor yoozed in any maner uv conversing, whether vocaly or in print. Yoo’ll note that it’s inclooded ownly wunts hearin, and that being to inform thu false Christyenz uv thair dire need to heed 2Tim.2:15, AFTER acsepting and 24/7 aplying Ex.20:1-17, becuz God duz NOT giv uv Hiz Spirit uv understanding to thu DIS-obeedeent.
In breef, Hairitaje Inglish iz a direct spin-off uv transliteration / transliteraeshun; translaeshun revealz thu meaning / definition / definishun, while transliteraeshun revealz thu pronunciation / pronunseashun. Thus, in Hairitaje Inglish, we spel az iz comon to pronouns, and NEVER with alfabet symbolz that are entirely diferent; yoo all often yooz / use thu word “of”, , while never noting that in fact, yoo NEVER =SPEL= it thus, but with-OUT iether uv thu symbolz its spoken with; yoo pronouns “of”, that iz, alwayz yoo SPEAK it az “uv”, , while when writing it, yoo do thu litle mental trick uv substitooting BOTH alfabet symbolz with an “o” and an “f”, , , NIETHER uv which corectly dezignate HOW it’s pronounsed, and thair are HUNDREDZ uv prescriptiv English combinaeshunz thus that thu lojicaly minded person simply can NOT ac-SEPT, , such az inserting a “c” whair an “s” belongz.
Sumthing else vairy probably no reader hearuv shal be aware uv, iz that NO alfabet on erth, containz even WUN “letter”, but insted, “symbolz” WITH which we FORM wordz that THEN are yoozed to WRITE letterz.
Hairitaje Inglish haz ownly seldum incloozyun uv duble consonants, such az in all or wall, and all such az shal, wil, and litle dispens with thu dubling proclivity.
THANKS uhgen to thu lojicaly minded aetheist for historical revelaeshun uv thu fyoo remaining facts I waz in need uv to form an un-contestable desizyun on that mater.
Sinsearly, Archie Terrace, Church Uv Thu First Born, , becuz “I” spoke MY mind, & without predjudis, DO feel free to do like-wize, , but with-OUT compromizing thu FACTS. http://www.olivecandlevoice.com ; my adres requirez an archie & an @ symbol insted uv thu world-wide-web insignia. “Chug-A-Lug” to all.

The comment (as edited by me):

As has been the case since (not sins) Satan’s negative success in Eden, his kind continue to clutch at mere straws of peripheral magnitude, while attempting to argue amongst themselves concerning that which any rights thereto, are and shall remain eternally unavailable to them, and as the negative religious minds continue to substantiate, their preference of observing the microscope through the specimen, is for the pre-decided purpose of attempting to persuade others of their kind, that their own distorted perception is more convincing, while unfailingly standing unchanging on their claim that it’s the wrapper that makes the most logical difference in correctly understanding the purposeful intent of whatever Biblically described package.
I don’t now recall whom in the above here, referred to whomever else as being brainless or a liar or whatever else edit by pithom: it was me calling Ron Wyatt a lying “nut job”* BUT, I =DO= recall from the over-all message contained therein, that in fact, only the approach of the person claiming to be an atheist pithom: that’s me, evidenced straight-laced, logical perspective as pertains to correct approaches to and discernment of historical facts. Granted, we all are entitled to our individual manners and methods BUT, only the incorrectably shallow-minded person personally negates opportunity to learn and grow on intelligent acceptance of facts over preferential mere feelings, like as most readers’ first instance of experiencing Heritage English, causing them to pre-decide the user thus, at least partially insane, when in fact, by doing so, each such person thus judges more than half of all Canadians identically, because most CDNs’ reading and writing expertise is less than a grade 2 primary school level, and I confess shame at NOT having known about that sad reality until well past midlife, but since then, because of having a professor’s standing in prescriptive English, I can NOT stand WITH them, I reckoned the least I could do, is stand FOR them in my attempt to inform the lesser percentage here, that a person’s worth is not to be determined on inherited talents and attributes, but on factually sound ability to reason and make wise decisions, as virtually all orthodox folk are NOT, as is self-proven by their insistence that they’ll ascend into Heaven immediately after death, when in fact, the Bible states NO such option, and also states that in absence of God’s LAW and the Testimony thereof in their daily lives, 24/7, they are disciples of Satan, as the personal life style conduct of Ron Wyatt confirmed him to be and all like him, not the least desirous of accepting Biblical writings in their entirety, as each such confirming the other, as the atheist hearing above is aware of, and having approached HIS research endeavor thus, the 7th-dayers obviously couldn’t be comfortable in accepting his response, because it didn’t pass their pre-determined conclusions that in most instances, require acceptance of only specific parts of any argument, and uh totally adamant refusal and rejection of all the others.
Look anywhere on earth, and it’s highly improbable that you’ll find a church-goer knowledgeable of the fact that there is NO Bible substantiation for entrance into Heaven at ANY time, let alone after death, while it DOES state directly, that God does NOT dwell in man-made temples, NOR did call or send any of they that speak therein, , while ALSO stating that Messiah, the Messenger of the Covenant and OWNLY GIVER of Eternal Life, presides over NONE other than His Own Scattered Flock of the specific number of 144K Elect BUT, even THAT fact is intentionally ignored by all orthodox and all other brands of religion, because they are NOT members of the Scattered Flock of God & thus, can’t possibly even bear to accept such Bible stated facts as our earth-realm pilgrimages here, being for the singular purpose of preparing our personal lifestyle testimony books that shall be opened in the Judgment, where again, all except they like the self-acclaimed atheist person herein above, whom I’d feel safe at hazarding the guess that because of his insistence on nothing less than factual foundations being acceptable, would know the difference between a congregation and a scattered flock. Had not THAT person’s notes been an inclusion on this site, my time hear would have been entirely wasted, ’cause my sole intent on being here, was for the purpose of gleaning the most resent facts concerning professional opinion and resultant designs on the original location of the Mountain of Sin & even named thus Biblicaly; the mountain of Sin; A? I!
In addition, how ANY religious person can claim to be a Christian, while totally ignorant of the historically confirmed fact that the swine-keeper title Jesus / Jeezus assigned to Messiah by the Greeks, as His name, does NOT exist ANY-where in history, until more than two HUNdred =YEARS= “AFTER” Messiah’s death. It’s understood that the self-acclaimed atheist hearing above would have NO obligation what-so-ever, to return however many years of investment deposits mistakenly made out in HIZ name, yet the global religious world ignores the fact that all of their efforts and so-called HOLY prayers are offered in the title/name of a swine-keeper instead of in the Name of the Son of God, whose Bible confirmed Name is NOT Jesus NOR Jeezus, and although the 7th-dayers accepted the Reality of the Fourth Commandment, they ignore the 2 Cor.6:17 command to permanently depart from and abandon ALL congregational religion, while ignorantly continuing to claim being followers of God & disciples of His Christ.
I do sincerely THANK the atheist for his factually based contribution to this site, and because that kind of reasoning totally negates all manner of mere personal opinion, I shall be noting and relying on the evidence provided thus, to form my conclusions. — One final note though,
Whomever owns this website, should NOT permit any kind of profanity hereon, let alone such abominable expression as refers to the Christ as being a rapist and abominable whoremonger, ’cause THAT kind of person can NOT fail to bring God’s wrath upon himself and all that condone such conduct, as is the case when permitting such to be and remain hereon. Automattic Inc. has the ultimate control over this blog’s existence. Ask them to change the Terms of Service, not me, as I am the sole controller of the content of this blog, and, thus, allow profanity to exist here in its appropriate context.
A final note to the pseudo Christians whom ALL are that are members of a congregation or refer to Messiah as either Jesus or Jeezuz, the Greek title for swine-keeper, continuing to argue over any Bible History subject, while 24/7 simultaneously ignoring the context of the Third Commandment, renders you all disciples of Satan and similarly destined thus. “I-AM” is stated in the Bible as being the Foremost NAME of GOD, and NOT to be repeated or referred to loosely, nor used in any manner of conversing, whether vocally or in print. You’ll note that it’s included only once herein, and that being to inform the false Christians of their dire need to heed 2 Tim.2:15, AFTER accepting and 24/7 applying Ex.20:1-17, because God does NOT give of His Spirit of understanding to the DIS-obedient.
In brief, Heritage English is a direct spin-off of transliteration / transliteration; translation reveals the meaning / definition / definition, while transliteration reveals the pronunciation / pronunseashun. Thus, in Heritage English, we spell as is common to pronouns, and NEVER with alphabet symbols that are entirely different; you all often use / use the word “of”, while never noting that in fact, you NEVER =SPELL= it thus, but with-OUT either of the symbols its spoken with; you pronouns “of”, that is, always you SPEAK it as “of”, while when writing it, you do the little mental trick of substituting BOTH alphabet symbols with an “o” and an “f”, NIETHER of which correctly designate HOW it’s pronounced, and there are HUNDREDZ of prescriptive English combinations thus that the logically minded person simply can NOT ac-CEPT, , such as inserting a “c” where an “s” belongs.
Something else very probably no reader hereof shall be aware of, iz that NO alphabet on earth, contains even ONE “letter”, but instead, “symbols” WITH which we FORM words that THEN are used to WRITE letters.
Heritage English has only seldom inclusion of double consonants, such as in all or wall, and all such as shall, will, and little dispense with the doubling proclivity.
THANKS again to the logically minded atheist for historical revelation of the few remaining facts I was in need of to form an un-contestable decision on that mater.
Sincerely, Archie Terrace, Church of the First Born, , because “I” spoke MY mind, & without prejudices, DO feel free to do like-wise, , but with-OUT compromising the FACTS. http://www.olivecandlevoice.com ; my address requires an archie & an @ symbol instead of the world-wide-web insignia. “Chug-A-Lug” to all.