Imitation Assyro-Gazite Bowl Found at Tel Burna

I’ve only noticed this about a week ago in this PowerPoint presentation. The bowl is found on Slide 19 of the PowerPoint presentation (showing the Iron IIc pottery) and has clear parallels to Bowl 4 (Carinated Bowl with Red Slip and Flaring Rim) of the Ashkelon 3 report (Ashkelon 3, p. 77). Bowl 4 of the Ashkelon 3 report was made somewhere in coastal Philistia (Ashkelon 3, p. 56 & p. 64) and is paralleled by a type of bowl from the Assyrian center of Tell Jemmeh. I recognized this type of bowl so easily because it is featured on the header of this blog because it is featured in my second video on Khirbet en-Nahas. This type of bowl is not directly based on Assyrian pottery, but was brought to Palestine by Assyrian administration.


U.S. Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Country in 2010


U.S. states counted separately from territories. Source.


A million or more U.S. military personnel: maroon

Between a hundred thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine U.S. military personnel: red

Between ten thousand and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine U.S. military personnel: yellow

Between one thousand and nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine U.S. military personnel: lime

Between one hundred and nine hundred ninety-nine U.S. military personnel: aqua

Between ten and ninety-nine U.S. military personnel: blue

Between one and nine U.S. military personnel: fuchsia

* U.S. African Command is exceptionally tiny.
* Troop presence does not determine Major Non-NATO Ally status or visa versa.
* Israel, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and France -all U.S. allies- have very few U.S. troops, thus demonstrating that, in quite a few instances, alliances do not rest on military bases.
* Al-Qaeda’s demands the U.S. military leave the Arabian peninsula have been met with dismissal.
* America’s vast network of military bases is largely situated in North America, the NATO countries, the Middle East, and the Western Pacific, in that order.

Why 2010 and not this year? Because 2010 was the year the Arab Spring began.