Tuesday Assorted Links

1. Trump is right to bash Gonzalo Curiel, activist for the illegals

2. Code of Cuckduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online. Signed by Facemicrotwoogle. Bunch of fucking cucks. Oh, and Fuck the E.U.; Brexit Now.

3. Ross Douthat is With Her. Fucking cuck.

4. Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently is just another fake Western news outlet

5. America’s worst minimum wage pundit (billionaires are not always good at economics)

6. The New Syrian Army: the non-IS Tip of America’s Spear in the Syrian desert

7. Assholishly provocative thought of the day

8. White House Mestizo poster child was actually a straight F student in real college who didn’t last a single semester without failing, then failed his second chance. Loser. And the White House is a bunch of anti-White fraudsters.


Monday Assorted Links #MAGA

1. Bill Kristol tweeting history

2. #NeverTrumpers had some pretty good words to say on Obama 2008. I actually believe Kristol’s non-endorsement of Trump is a big help to Trump.

3. The Clintons and White House Furniture

4. Obama State fighters apparently trying to sell slaves online

5. “residential electrification may reduce social welfare

6. Doctors acting badly

7. Tech entrepreneurs flock to Saigon

8. Kremlin Stooge brilliantly skewers Rmoney and Osatan

Sunday Assorted Links

1. Tweet of the day (note: Tweet deleted). Tweet was by Daniel Lin and said “This is how headline writers blink HELP in Morse Code”. Interesting. And very suspicious.

2. Video of the day

3. “I will give you everything“. Demagoguery works!

4. White House travel office controversy

5. The center does not hold

6. Islamic Spain: More Jim Crow than Multiculturalism. Protip: Islamic rule was very tolerant at first, but this tolerance declined with every new convert.

7. How the government invented Hispanics

8. A Jew whines about those nasty tweets from mean, mean Trump supporters

9. The above, but from Carl Diggler

10. What the gender gap gives, the gender gap takes away. Protip: men tend to change their voting preferences more than women.

Saturday Assorted Links

1. Sumner skewers a socialist

2. Turkiye delenda est

3. Jonathan Chait is a fucking con artist

4. Cucked v. Based: Italian v. Chinese laundry commercials

5. I oppose this bill, but it pisses off all the right people

6. Carl Diggler imagines the Trump-Sanders debate

7. Ace of Spades brutally skewers Washington DC Republicans. Almost Alt-Rightian. BTW, I fucking hated Rubio. And Christie. And Rmoney. I don’t like champions of the donor class and known idiots. Trump has a bit of the latter, but none of the others seemed to know what they were talking about, either. Rubio knew his neocon spoon-fed facts, but had terrible instincts. Like Karl Rove.

8. Jill Stein on the feminist case against $hillary

Friday Assorted Links

1. Over 3/4 of Donbass fighters are Ukrainian

2. Tweet of the Day

3. White males, White non-college-grads, Veterans. Who votes for Trump.

4. None of the Pentagon’s plans to train Syrian rebels are even remotely working

5. The Mare Operations Room and Azaz are in severe danger of being taken over by the Islamic State

6. Child poverty in America is not an embarrassment

7. 80% of Americans should not be trusted with anything even remotely touching on science

8. Trump protestors

9. Is everything wrestling?

10. Interview with a 22-year-old Trump supporter

DuPage County and the Death of the Party of Lincoln

From the beginning of the Republican Party, the pattern was clear: the Republicans were solid in Northern Illinois, the Dems were solid in Southern Illinois:

It was even true in 1984:

By 2000, the pattern was shifting:

By 2004, the pattern was solidifying:

And in 2008, a handful of northern Illinois counties voted Democratic for the very first time in their post-1852 history -and none of the six counties that voted strongest for Fremont in Illinois voted for McSame at all:

And when the Rmoney wave came, it came back from the South. Only three of the six most Fremont-voting counties in Illinois came back into the Republican fold -the same number that voted for Goldwater in 1964, a much worse year for the GOP:

A bunch of southern Illinois counties went more heavily for Rmoney 2012 than for Bush 2004. A bunch of northern Illinois counties that went for Bush both times went for Obama both times.

The presidential candidate in 2016 who most closely conformed to early Republican voting patterns was Kasich: the candidate Republicans who live around rich Democrats vote for.
Screenshot (278)kucksich
Kasich was strongest in Illinois in DuPage county, the second-most populated county in Illinois. It experienced almost no population growth in the 2000s, but it swung more than 10 points from Bush 2004 to Obama 2008, thus voting for the Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in its post-1852 history in 2008. In 2012, it voted for the Democratic candidate for President again, by a margin a little smaller than the national average.

In the 2016 primaries, the candidate who won the most votes in DuPage county was Bernie Sanders, followed by Clinton, Trump, Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio.

The facts are clear: the Yanks are shifting not just more Democratic, but more liberal. The Border Reviers are shifting more Republican and possibly even more conservative. Who the heck could possibly vote both for Barry Goldwater and Barack Obama? The two are ideological polar opposites.

Southern Illinois, which went heavy for LBJ, is gonna go heavy for Trump.

Screenshot (278)trump

Thursday Assorted Links

1. Obama’s reckless overseas attack on the Republican presidential nominee. Even Shrub didn’t stoop so low.

2. Trump zings doubters in excellent new ad.

3. Tweet of the Day

4. What is a computer? What is information processing?

5. The guys behind 22-for-22 Carl Diggler brutally skewer Nate Silver

6. Thanks, Obama! Trump is the only man even remotely equipped to deal with this problem.

7. David Henderson smacks down Scott Sumner’s idiocy on a stick

8. Why Trump was right to skewer Governor Martinez

Wednesday Assorted Links

1. Vietnamese guy on the Vietnam War

2. Fuck Monbiot

3. Tweet of the day

4. Steve Sailer against Political Correctness

5. From Konigsberg to Kaliningrad

6. Clinton thinks she knows how to take on Trump

7. Americans remain pessimistic on the state of moral values. Note: the partisan split on this issue only dates from 2006.

8. A prediction about Trump’s lack of impact on the establishment

George Wallace

From Wikipedia:

The American Independent Party, which was established in 1967 by Bill and Eileen Shearer, nominated former Alabama Governor George Wallace – whose pro-segregation policies had been rejected by the mainstream of the Democratic Party – as the party’s candidate for president. The impact of the Wallace campaign was substantial, winning the electoral votes of several states in the Deep South. Wallace was the most popular 1968 presidential candidate among young men.[47] Wallace also proved to be popular among blue-collar workers in the North and Midwest, and he took many votes which might have gone to Humphrey. Although Wallace did not expect to win the election, his strategy was to prevent either major party candidate from winning a preliminary majority in the Electoral College, which would then give him bargaining power to determine the winner. Wallace’s running mate was retired U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay.

Prior to deciding on LeMay, Wallace gave serious consideration to former U.S. Senator, Governor, and Baseball Commissioner A.B. Happy Chandler of Kentucky as his running mate.[48] Chandler and Wallace met a number of times, however, Chandler said that he and Wallace were unable to come to an agreement regarding their positions on racial matters. Paradoxically, Chandler supported the segregationist Dixiecrats in the 1948 presidential elections. But, after being reelected governor of Kentucky in 1955, he used National Guard troops to enforce school integration.[49]

LeMay embarrassed Wallace’s campaign in the fall by suggesting that nuclear weapons could be used in Vietnam.

States outside the South in which Wallace won more than 10% of the vote: