Pretty much my plan for Syria. Let’s hope this video gets half a million views, at least.

Obviously, mine would also involve either nuking Turkey if it doesn’t cooperate, or, in the remote case it does, at least temporarily totally closing, and, preferably, temporarily totally evacuating the entire length of the Syro-Turkish border, and permanently expelling Turkey from NATO, as well as removing Erdogan from power and trying him for crimes against humanity. Also, Obama. I’d also consider settling the refugees in southern Turkey permanently, as compensation, if they absolutely refuse to return to Assad-land (for understandable reasons). Obviously, no First-World country should be accepting Syrian refugees. Forcing Turkey to pay reparations, no matter how tempting, is inadvisable -taxed men revolt, dead men stay dead. This is why it is better to nuke Turkey than to force it to pay reparations.

Totally destroying the Islamic State in less than three days via a three-pronged attack from Iraqi Kurdistan, the southern Euphrates, and the Tell Abyad-Raqqa road is a given. Panama fell quicker, despite a larger army and more military equipment.