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Texas and Oklahoma both had primaries on Super Tuesday for both parties. Yet, North Texas went strongly for Clinton, while Oklahoma went strongly for Bernie. What happened?

Oklahoma had extremely strict GOP primary rules, with independents only being allowed to vote in the Democratic primary (held on the same day as the Republican). No doubt many of those registered independents, shut out of the GOP primary process, decided to vote in the Democratic primary. Thus, Democratic primary turnout in Oklahoma was immensely higher than in North Texas, which had fully open primaries for both parties. Since these registered independents had less animosity to Bernie than to Hillary, they decided to vote for Bernie. Thus, Bernie’s Oklahoma victory. Were Oklahoma’s Republican primary to have had the same rules as that in Texas, total primary turnout would have been higher, GOP primary turnout would have been 50-100% higher (with a possible Trump victory in place of a Cruz one), and Democratic primary turnout would have certainly been less than half of what actually was, and maybe less than a fifth, with a probable Clinton victory.

Edit: more on this here from some other dude who pointed this out