Monday Assorted Links

1. Strangers on a strange election. Good piece.

2. Clinton and Haiti

3. Too stupid to rule

4. Maybe bad debates really do affect the polls

5. McMuffin is not a true conservative as he will refuse to appoint justices that will repeal Obergeffel

6. Too stupid to rule

It turns out my pumpkin was vandalized by squirrels. Nasty creatures.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

11 thoughts on “Monday Assorted Links”

      1. Not to pick on you personally, but this is another example of a 2016 trend where the Alt Right replaces their great ideas with stupid ones but doesn’t bother changing the label.

      2. I’ve kinda said this a lot already, and it goes back to my “How Trump destroyed the Alt Right” post. Preferring Trump to Hillary is one thing–you could quietly vote for Trump and leave it at that–but the Alt Right ditched anything they might have stood for when they signed up to be Trump’s full-time cheerleading squad. They just became Alt Hope and Change instead, though they haven’t admitted it to themselves yet.

        When you’re Alt Hope and Change and don’t really stand for anything that’s rooted, you turn into a little child: it’s impossible to think past the immediate situation, and anything that feels like it will get a reaction is deemed a good idea. What will end up happening in the long run is people will learn to ignore you. And then you’re back where you started, only now while you were acting like a baby your opponents have moved on and gotten done what they want.

        1. But what was the alt-right good idea I’ve replaced with a stupid idea in this specific instance. Again, it’s always a good idea to beat opponents with their own logic.

      3. A couple points:

        1. Contra the “no true Scotsman” fallacy I believe you actually can coherently define what is and isn’t “true conservative,” at least to some extent. As soon as you do this, under any reasonable definition of conservative it becomes obvious that McMullin is way more of a true conservative than Trump is.

        2. Trump is a high-profile case of “not a true conservative.” Accusing a nobody like McMullin of the same thing just draws the focus of the problem back to Trump. It’s like a Hillary supporter accusing Jill Stein of deleting thousands of classified emails.

        The Alt Right used to stand for “true conservative” stuff. One of their central laments was that mainstream establishment conservative elites stood athwart history weakly whimpering “umm might we please slow down just a little soon?” while they, the Alt Right, would actually be a braking force on “progress” if only they had a hand on the machinery (e.g. a likeminded person in high office such as president). Well, now they’ve swapped out a likeminded person for Donald “not a true conservative” Trump, but they haven’t bothered admitting to themselves that they’re no longer concerned with standing athwart history.

        1. Trump wants to leave same-sex marriage back to the states. McMuffin refuses to do even that. Trump is, thus, on this issue, at least, more a true conservative than McMuffin.

          Your argument in your last sentence is a coherent one, but it needs more justification.

      4. From a normal candidate, talk about leaving gay marriage back to the states would be halfway believable. From Trump it isn’t.

        Anyway, even if we take Trump at his word, that’s an awfully big concession for the Alt Right, which up until a year ago basically treated gay marriage as an utter absurdity. (In my mind, a gay marriage makes about as much sense as a Jewish baptism.) Leaving it up to the states is moderate GOPe stuff. You should be calling Trump a “cuck” at the very least (since you use that term) but the fact that you’re defending him instead is what proves my point.

        (I think I’ve said this before: I prefer Trump to Hillary, I just don’t see how Trump could be defended or cheered for by people who consider themselves on the Right. If you feel you can do so without sullying your conscience, quietly vote for Trump and leave it at that. Or else stop pretending you’re part of any Alt Right anymore.)

        1. “Anyway, even if we take Trump at his word, that’s an awfully big concession for the Alt Right, which up until a year ago basically treated gay marriage as an utter absurdity.”

          -Still is, but should states be banned from allowing it?

      5. That might depend whether you think belief in “libertarianism in one country” is sufficient to place one under the Alt Right umbrella, or whether you think the criticisms of libertarianism offered by the Alt Right extend to this issue.

        In other words, is Alt Right just the combination of immigration restriction + race realism + anti-feminism + whatever else ad hoc, or is it a cohesive top-to-bottom rethinking of our society’s commonly accepted values, perspectives, and priorities from a rightward position?

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