The coalition of the fringes/rising American electorate/Obama coalition/Clinton coalition is often portrayed by particularly optimistic Democrats as a harbringer of progressive politics in America. However, compared to the present party system’s Republican coalition, the present party system’s Democratic coalition is

*less equal, both cognitively and economically

*less married, less fertile and more dysgenic

*more crime-prone


*of somewhat lower income

*less native-born

*more densely populated (ergo, with worse traffic, worse air quality)

Basically, it’s the Beltway and Manhattan on a grand scale.

Needless to say, this is not a recipe for an egalitarian, low-poverty, high (but not too high) income, low-rent, low-crime, picket-fence America progressives envision. But the portion of the Democratic electorate that did fit that profile did vote for Sanders. Just look at the Democratic primary vote in heavily Republican Livingston county, MI.