Good Takes and Bad Takes about the Election

1. Good takes:

*HRC was a terrible candidate, especially for young people, only winning the primary on the back of the Black and Senior Citizen vote

*Bernie would have won

*Low turnout among Black youths was a deciding factor in the November election

*Comey’s letter was a deciding factor in the election

*The email server scandal alone was sufficient to create Hillary Clinton’s high unfavorables

*Trump did better among non-college Whites and worse among Whites with masters’ degrees and above than Romney

*Party unity is overrated if one can get crossover votes (2008 and the PUMAs should have made everyone memorize this)

*The leaking of the DNC and Podesta emails was good

*The RNC emails should have been leaked as well (if they were hacked)

*The Democratic Party is a pile of smoking ruins (which can easily be rebuilt again)

*Fundamentals (the economy, legislative accomplishments, patterns in crime perpetration and drug use) are very important

*Brexit is a pretty good analogy for Trump

*Not all “millenials” live in Madison and Ann Arbor

*Russophobia is bad and a losing strategy, as there is no natural Russophobic constituency outside Northern Virginia

*Failure to tie Trump to downballot Republicans was, in fact, really stupid

*Tim Kaine was a bad pick for VP

*White men matter

*Vocal and public Syria hawkishness scares a lot more people than it attracts

*Campaign rally marathons in the final stretch of the campaign are basically a good idea

*Clicking on phishing links is a bad, bad idea for anyone

*The top of the ticket does have an impact on who votes for which Senator

*True Progressivism is not an automatic vote-getter in heavily minority areas; just ask Tim Canova

*Touting BOTH the most progressive platform evah to appeal to Bernie supporters while making no concessions to Republicans AND focusing primarily on swinging suburban Republicans with talk of the Republican nominee’s crudeness is inherently inconsistent and, at best, weakly effective in practice

*Ideological ambiguity with some concrete policy proposals to fire up the base is good strategy

2. Bad takes:

*Trump is worse than Hillary (this is, perhaps, the worst and most widely accepted take among the press and pundits)

*Racism elected Trump

*Voter suppression elected Trump

*Low voter turnout elected Trump (PA and FL had high turnout; OH was a blowout).

*The Democratic establishment is to blame for Bernie’s Al Smith 1928/Nixon 1960 level of traction among Blacks

*Denormalization is a winning strategy

*”Norms” and “normal” are good

*Appalachia elected Trump

*Trump voters voted for him because they were poor/lost factory jobs

*Making the media more biased is a winning strategy

*HRC lost because she campaigned in Arizona instead of Wisconsin

*#Actually, America is already great and exceptional


*Muh popular vote means HRC was a good candidate

*To win next time, the Democratic Party HAS to appeal to more non-College White people

*Renouncing the top of the ticket does not hurt Senate candidates; just ask Portman and McCain

*Left-wing populism fails even at its most basic central premises; just ask Feingold and Strickland

*Non-Whites are the only path to a progressive America

*Trump got fewer votes than Romney!

*The Sanders-Trump voter is overrated

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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