Sunday Assorted Links

1. Counties in which HRC got fewer votes than HRC

2. Trump should have endorsed Ward (and good thing HRC lost in 08)

3. Establishment is about free trade

4. Sailer pwns Saletan

5. Lobbying ban, NSC restructuring, call for anti-ISIS plan

6. Benches

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Assorted Links”

    1. OK guess not. Thanks WordPress! My real comment was:

      4. It only takes two replies before a Holocaust denier shows up. Four replies and someone is making a snarky “is he joking?” comment about being pro-Nazi. Five replies before an explicitly pro-Nazi comment. And then it’s downhill from there. Sailer can “pwn” people on Twitter all he wants, but he’ll stay in his echo chamber so long as he keeps that kind of company.

      The high-profile people on the Alt Right might feel real brave standing up for our Southern border but they’re pretty spineless when it comes to defending their Rightward one.

      1. Come on, man, you should have admitted you were Jewish long before. I don’t fault people for that, but I think it comes with its own set of biases that should be disclosed. That’s why I use the parentheses.

        As Michael Tracey says, nobody can control who reads them. What should Sailer do, block these people? He polices his own comment section quite well.

        Sailer’s “echo chamber” includes Brooks, the Reason guys, and Douthat. If it’s an echo chamber, I don’t know what an echoless non-chamber looks like.

        1. I never admitted being Jewish for the same reason you didn’t!

          An admission is a response to an accusation. You never accused me of being Jewish. (You never asked at all, for that matter.) Funny that you think being Jewish is something someone “admits” to rather than “discloses” or “shares” or whatever. Are you a self-hating Jew?

          It’s also funny that was your response to me pointing out Holocaust deniers on Twitter. Do you think only Jews notice Holocaust denial? If so, you might be spending too much time in online echo-chambers of your own.

          The world doesn’t actually run on Likes, Retweets, and bans from comment sections, contrary to Generation Snowflake’s umwelt that barely extends beyond your smartphone screens.

          Of course Steve Sailer can’t block every childless scumbag LARPing as an online goon! In reality, social borders are cultivated with work over time by the kinds of things you choose to say or not say, and the kinds of ideas you choose to support or rebut.

          1. “Are you a self-hating Jew?”

            -Haven’t done any DNA testing, but I presume not, and I haven’t seen direct evidence for it. I would be honest and open if I did. So far as I know, I have no recent Jewish or Muslim ancestry (though some of my interests and mannerisms have made people accuse me of Judaism).

            “Do you think only Jews notice Holocaust denial?”

            -Of course not. In any case, complaining about Twitter trolls is not a productive enterprise. I can’t control their behavior, and I doubt Steve Sailer can.

            “In reality, social borders are cultivated with work over time by the kinds of things you choose to say or not say, and the kinds of ideas you choose to support or rebut.”

            -Very true.

            1. Great, we agree: high profile Alt Right people are spineless about enforcing their Rightward border. Enforcing it doesn’t mean bans and unfollows, it means doing actual work in terms of choosing what to talk about or not talk about, or argue for or against.

          1. Rightward border means the border between people on the Right whose ideas, taken by themselves and given a fair platform, would be palatable to most of the general public (Steve Sailer is a decent enough example), and people further on the Right whose ideas would not be (e.g. people who say we fought on the wrong side in WWII).

            I guess you could nitpick “further on the Right” but for purposes of labeling the cardinal direction in which this border lies doesn’t have to be exact. “Further on the Right” is good enough.

            I have blogged about how at least one of my Trump presidency predictions appears to have already failed (though not spectacularly, yet), and how this means I might need to adjust my model of him.

            1. The wall was 1. one of his biggest and earliest promises
              2. one of his easiest promises to fulfill

              The Trump administration has been something of a disappointment from a drain-the-swamp perspective (just look at how it caved on drug negotiations like a dog), but Trump isn’t going Full Moderate. Hopefully, that welfare executive order gets signed. Tired of foreign-born welfare moochers draining the country’s wealth.

              Fundamentally, Trump is a man of the people. He owes this to his primary base.

            2. I don’t think Trump is “fundamentally” a man of anything, except deal-making.

              Speaking of which, my model of Trump led me to predict a lot of bluster (i.e. “anchoring”) early in his administration, but that he would eventually wind up quite moderate. There’s more bluster than I was expecting and some of it exceeded one of my specific predictions, but we are only ten days in–plenty of time for him to eventually settle to the left of Bush by year 2 or 3.

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