Since yesterday, I am taking one hour out of each day to view this (so far) wonderful masterpiece of debunking the absolute bullshit that is “Ancient Aliens”. In this video, it becomes clear that, while whoever allowed “Ancient Aliens” to be produced was intending to evoke “Edison’s Conquest of Mars“, the actual history of the ruins discussed in “Ancient Aliens” tends to evoke Lane’s “The Discovery of Freedom” (esp. from page 24 onwards) and the other artifacts are either as fake as the Jehoash Inscription or as misinterpreted as the patina of Jebel Maqla (often incorrectly called Jebel al-Lawz).

Ironically, Chris White, the person that created the above video, is a Biblical inerrantist and believer in a Satanic global conspiracy. Thus, my position on the intolerance of Atheism+ is further strengthened.