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Julia Fridman of Tel Aviv University, who apparently has no papers uploaded on Academia.edu and whom I contacted regarding the Elah Socoh’s lmlk handles, has actually written something! Only it’s a popular article on sensationalizing Qeiyafa. One need look no further than my year-old YouTube video on Qeiyafa on this subject, but I don’t make your decisions for you.
I, of course, receive Google email alerts on the word “Qeiyafa”, which is how I found this article.

Edit: here’s Fridman’s Quora and FB pages. I’m using NoScript to block Quora’s “sign in” prompt.

Use the Custom Search feature on the sidebar if you want to search for anything here. Only one person has done this so far.
Edit: The unholy Occidentalis has quoted large sections of the article. Go ahead and read them-I’m using nofollow on my link to Occidentalis’s blog.